Welcome Back to The It Takes GRIT Podcast V.2.0

podcast January 31, 2024

We are BACK with a Brand NEW Season. Get ready for a new chapter, of being BOLD, straight shoot talking and a higher level of thinking. GRIT is just like FAIRY DUST falling off me right now - Be sure to hang around to catch some of it!

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Changing your beliefs, getting uncomfortable and being bold is no easy task - IT TAKES GRIT. Especially in the world we life in right now where being a victim gets your attention and being average is celebrated.

I am here to make sure you know what it takes to reach your full trajectory, how to get through the tough times, to keep you on track and get you results by being a shoot talker with no BS or fluff.

Here to give you the real deal and GRIT on what it takes to be successful, make a difference the world and be happy. You will leave each episode with tangible advice that when you choose to implement, will change your life and mindset forever!

Join me as I take you on a journey of self discovery, a broadened mindset and a life without limits. From a small town in England to running an international business, having global impact and now living in Florida. I openly share my experiences, challenges and tools with you so you can see just of how I got where I am today. (And show you that you can too!).

This podcast certainly makes for an easy listen, with hand picked guests and solo episodes, all while providing you with an action plan to stop living in the past, cut out shit talking to yourself and put you on the right path to achieve your dreams and desires!

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