New Year, New Challenge, New BLOG!

fitness December 29, 2023

Hey You,

I'm super excited to kick off our brand new blog series. It's like a little catch-up session with me, Rebecca Louise, just in blog form. Ditching at little of the social media noise and bringing something more personal and real straight to your inbox. So, make sure you're signed up for my newsletter!

It's More Than Just Working Out


This year, we're focusing on the whole package – mind, body, and community spirit. I'm here to share not just workouts but real-life stories and tools for living your best life.

Each month I will be bringing you a couple of blogs, why I say a couple is because I want to write from the heart. I am not going to write a blog just because... it is going to have real meaning and purpose. So you know when a new one comes out, it's going to be really good!

We have to start of the new blog with a new year about our new challenge! I always say that to be successful at something or to grow you need to do both of these things: participate and contribute. You will not win sitting on the sidelines. Make this your year to be actively engaged in a POSITIVE way in our community.

The more you give, the more you are going to get back!

Let's start by what we have coming in the New Year that you can be part of.

The "Body by Burn" 6-Week Transformation!

  • Launch Date: Monday January 8th 2024
  • Platform: Exclusively on the Burn By Rebecca Louise App
  • Special Offer: A New Year's discount of 30% on ALL memberships for a short period only!
  • What's Inside: Daily workouts for all fitness levels. Expect a medley of styles - from Pilates to kickboxing, HIIT to weights, ensuring a well-rounded fitness experience.
  • Weekly Mindset Zoom Sessions. Each week, we dive into a new mindset theme. These sessions are a safe space for sharing struggles, celebrating progress, and creating a close community.
  • Zoom Call Schedule: Sundays at 10 AM EST for 6 weeks. First one is 14th January 2024.
  • Personalized Nutrition Coaching. Book a call and get a nutrition plan tailored just for you, based on what's been working for me for years.

Join the BURN By Rebecca Louise App today and SAVE 30% OFF! 

Little brag coming...!

It's absolutely incredible to be part of our Burn community, isn't it? I want to express how proud I am of us. We've created something truly special - a place where positivity, integrity, and grace aren't just words, but the way we live, both in person and online. It's so refreshing to be part of a group focused on growth and support, steering clear of drama and negativity.

You all inspire me daily, and I'm beyond grateful for this amazing journey we're on together. Keep shining, everyone!.

Ok before you go anywhere there is more!

7-Day Mini Challenge

  • When: Monday January 1st to Sunday January 7th 2024.
  • Where: Exclusively on YouTube
  • Cost: Absolutely free!
  • Daily Dose of Fitness: Each day, we're tackling a different body part for 10-12 minutes. So, you're in for a complete body revamp by the end of the week.
  • More Than Just Workouts: Every day comes with a unique intention to keep you motivated and a question about you so we can all get to know each other more and build our community connection.

Subscribe the Youtube Channel here!

Let's do this this!


Alright team, buckle up because we're about to blast into the new year together, and I'm buzzing with excitement! Our 6-week Body by Burn challenge is just around the corner, and you bet we're bringing back those weekly Zoom calls that rocked our world last year. I'm so pumped to see all your awesome faces again!

I hope your holidays included some great memories, even if there were times of struggle, remember, we're all about turning those moments into fuel for our fire. We learn, we grow, and we come back stronger.

So, here's the deal for 2024 – it's not just a year; it's our year. Remember, I'm right here with you, every step of the way. We're a team, a family, and when life throws curveballs, we hit them out of the park because we've got grit, guts, and a whole lot of heart.

Let's light up 2024 with our unstoppable spirit. Sending you all a massive hug and heaps of energy. We're going to crush this challenge and show the world what we're made of. 

Lots of love,

Rebecca, xxx